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New soldiers arriving at the airport will check in with the USO liason before there bused off to the military installation.  Upon arrival youll be told to turn in your paperwork from meps to begin i-processing.

Red Phaae

You will go through the most hardest training and the toughest of all stages is red phase.  You will never get any rest throughout the first couple of weeks, no privileges,  no phone calls,  and no personal time.

White Phase

You made it this far and the drill sergeants will be much nicer as long as your platoon follows the rules.  During this phase youll go through the weapons range to fire your issued m16 rifle. 

Blue Phase

Now you are getting closer to graduating basic training and during this phase youll be putting all your skills to final exercises. 

Graduation Day

You made it! You will have a family day before graduation in which your friends, relatives and spouse can see you before you graduate. 

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